Thursday, November 19, 2009


If you know me well enough you'd know that I'm a fifteen year old boy who hasn't gone to school in a year. That story is for a later blog. The thing that I have a problem with is that kids today fail BADLY at my school. I mean how the fuck do you get a 34 on the test that you shouldn't even have to study for? We have this fifteen minute period every Tuesday called "Advisory". Basically, they take fifteen minutes out of MY CLASS PERIOD to bastardize the children with bad grades. If you can keep a 3.5 GPA like myself, then you shouldn't have to join said classes. It's bullshit! I don't want to fucking hear about your bad grades and not get fucking rewarded for having my good grades. FUCK THAT. Why even fail in the first place? It's not all that fucking hard. I mean seriously you guys. If you're reading this and you're failing then you really need to get your shit straight. ITS REALLY NOT HARD!

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