Monday, June 22, 2009


Maturity differs from what situation you're in. When you're doing something important that requires your all, your at the height of your maturity. If your favorite team just won/lost the game, you're at the lowest of your maturity. You're at your midway mark when you're relaxing on a fine weekend day. Some people assume that you're always immature. Yet they're scared to point out when you're being as mature as possible. Most people think that they're too smart to even speek to you. They're ego gets in the way. They're not afraid to point out your flaws, yet get all defensive when someone points out their flaws. The person I'm talking about knows who he/she is

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  1. Ha. You, talk about maturity? How ironic.

    Maturity doesn't differ from situation to situation. Maturity is how you act and respond to a situation. Say a person is just being funny in a game, and everyone is laughing. He/She isn't being immature. Now, when a person gets fed up with such acts, and continually tells the person in question to stop, and they don't, the person in question is being immature, ESPECIALLY IF THEY JUST DO IT MORE.

    This entire post made very little since, and was poorly written.

    Grow up and stop pouting that a person got fed up with you're aggravating, loud mouth.

    And next time feel free to mention my name you arrogant infant.

  2. Yeah? Maybe I was refering to my older sibling. It might be poorly written. No rough draft. Straight typed on my iPod. Just because I act immature over xbox live, does not mean we can't have a mature discussion. When I put on my headset and sign on, I'm in a competitive and childish mood. Get over yourself. It's all in good fun.

    Love you man. =]

  3. "Yeah? Maybe I was refering to my older sibling."

    As you said, I knew that you were talking to me.

    I never said that we couldn't have a mature discussion.

    You were being immature, I got fed up, and I left.

  4. Stop fighting you two.

    Yall are both immature!

  5. Speaking of maturity...
    "Most people think that they're too smart to even speek to you."
    You spelled speak wrong. Its not speek.
    I guess it's immature when you correct someone all the time, but this is the first time I've had to correct you. Most of the time I agree with you. :)