Monday, June 29, 2009

The Internet.

I don't understand people who don't type correctly when and on the internet. Every goddamn time I correct someone, I get "stfu its just teh int3rw3bz n00b" Yeah, the internet controls the world today. Do you know how much of a crisis we would be in if the internet just *poof* went away? We would be in the shitter! It's the most importatnt way of communicating today and you're not even using it correctly! Years ago, when we invented the phone, do you think that people misuesed that? Do you think that they abreviated words? Or even YEARS before that? Do you think they wrote a letter with intenet speek? One simple answer, no. No they didn't. So why in the fuckballs do we do it today? Unless you have some kind of mental retardation, then you shouldn't be talking like this: "u ned to stfu cuz ur dumb and u have no skills and ur poor" It honestly pisses me off to no end. NO FUCKING END.

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